Woman Crush! Give Kalenna Harper A Spin-Off

by (@damianbellino)

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Who is your favorite new cast member this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Blah blah blah. All I can hear you say is Kalenna Harper, obviously. The singer-songwriter-former member of Diddy Dirty Money has brought her style, flavor, sass, humor and most importantly her authenticity to this season of the reality show and we ain’t mad about it. Also she’s legit talented.

We adore the way Kalenna can be a real friend to Rasheeda but at the same time read her music for filth or the way she can get turnt in New Orleans and end up kissing Miss Karlie Redd. Her hilarious twerking, loving (and open) relationship with Tony and that purple hair are just an added bonus.

Kalenna is the “rillest” so in honor of Woman Crush Wednesday, we are so obviously crushing on the the stylish, funny and ridiculous Ms. Harper! Check our gallery and let us know: would you watch a Kalenna led spin-off? Read more…

Bonus Clip: Althea All Over Benzino’s Body

by (@damianbellino)

It’s no secret that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Benzino is absolutely crazy about his wife-to-be Althea Heart but putting a ring on it wasn’t quite enough for Zino & Thi Thi.

In a bonus clip from episode 13, Zino stops by the tattoo parlor to get Althea’s likeness tattooed all over his body-ody-ody. The best part (and it’s not the tattoo) is that Benzino is planning on revealing the tat at a party in front of Thi’s entire family.

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Do you think Benzino is going to regret the tattoo? Do you think he and Althea are really forever-ever? Do you think he should have just got the mother****ing face?

Make sure to tune into an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Go Backstage With Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa For Some Killer Episode 9 Photos

by (@lizburrito)

Main Taylour Logan
Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week, he submits a few photos that are fun in and of themselves, but the stories behind them are truly amazing. Some of them miiight not be true though. Read on for James’ commentary about Kat Bailess’s incredible one-take hole in one on the golf course (TRUE), one amazing Devil Girl’s charitable efforts, and the time Morgan Freeman auditioned for the role of Jelena. YOU decide which one of those stories is the fake one…

For even more great photos and fun Hit The Floor commentary, be sure to follow James on Instagram, @JamesLaRosa.
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Could Eddie & LeAnn Be Separated For 7 Months?!

by (@damianbellino)

LeAnn wants hubby Eddie to feel like the man in the house but on the next episode of LeAnn & Eddie she needs to decide if that means he can leave town for seven months.

While entertaining her southern & LA friends for a girl’s weekend, LeAnn receives the bombshell that Eddie has been offered a job on the TV series Dallas that shoots in, well, Dallas. While LeAnn wants to be supportive of Eddie’s career, she’s struggling with what that means for her marriage to not be with her man for half a year.

Do you think LeAnn will approve of Eddie’s move to the South? Do you think LeAnn is going to drink her worries away with her ladies? Find out on all new LeAnn & Eddie Thursday at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

Best Memes From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 13

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Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, episode 13, Scrappy got down on bended knee for Bambi, Kalenna had some big news for Tony and Mimi‘s friends tried to snap some sense into her. All that drama on the TV but the most entertaining part may be what y’all got into on Instagram and Facebook.

We’ve rounded up our very favorite memes of the night and sorry, Scraps, but they went in.

Click through our gallery for the most hilarious and ridiculous memes and tune into an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

[Photos: Instagram/Facebook]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down

by (@lizburrito)

This may just be the funniest most melodramatic episode of Check Yourself yet. This week, Momma Dee goes off the deep end when she watches the scene where Scrappy tells her he bought Bambi a ring. “The gates of hell are closing in on me! They’re coming in! I’m seeing spirits! I’m seeing spirits! They’re just flopping all around!”

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Hit The Floor’s McKinley Freeman and Rob Riley Naked Photo Shoot Will Make You Faint

by (@ShireaCarroll)

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Last night on Hit The Floor ‘s Rob Riley and McKinley Freeman, who play Terrence and Derek respectively, bared it all in a faux “Skin Issue” (a la Sports Illustrated) photo shoot where they got oiled up and made all of us watching say, “Damn.”

While everything was strategically hidden during the episode, the guys really did get their photos taken and we have the yummy photos to prove it. Take a look through the galley, and do your best not to drool.
[Photos: VH1]

Keeping It All The Way Real: Hit The Floor Episode 9 Video Recap

by (@ShireaCarroll)

EPISODE13HTFAfter Jude surprised kissed Zero last episode we were left on the edge of our seats to see how Zero would respond. He let Jude down but not really, and theY both shocked us by end of the episode. Ahsha and Sloane bond over Pete‘s alcoholism, while Oscar tries to get Kyle, who will do anything for money to be a snitch.

Jelena and Terrence hook up all episode for some intense I-miss-you sex, and have a deep conversation about their past and how they plan to move forward stronger, while Derek and Ahsha relationship takes a major blow.

Check out the week’s top 5 moments from our favorite scripted series, Hit The Floor that were so good, we thought it be nice to see it twice. Read more…

Inside The Arena: Wait, Did Jude Just Admit He Could Go Either Way?

by (@lizburrito)

Jude Kincade had been coming to terms with his sexuality these past two weeks on Hit The Floor — admit it, you never saw that kiss with Zero coming, did you??? And even though he’s been discreet about his love life up until now, he’s tested on this week’s Inside The Arena. Read more…