Are You A Hoe? The Best Quotes From This Season Of Basketball Wives LA

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We’ve picked up some good vernacular from the Basketball Wives LA cast this season. Lingo like “Google me, b*tch!” and cute things to ask friends like “Are you a hoe?” So in honor of the season finale that was and Monday’s reunion show we’ve assembled all our favorite dry-hi’s and bye, girls into a nifty gallery for your perusal. Whether you got those Draya eye-rolls while you’re delivering a jibe or that Brittish brow furrow – there’s something for everyone.

What has been your favorite quote from this season of Basketball Wives LA? Hear what all the ladies have to say at the reunion show Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Jackie Christie’s Recap Of The Basketball Wives LA Finale: It Got Way Out Of Hand

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During this season of Basketball Wives LA, the VH1 Blog is happy to have Jackie Christie guest blogging her thoughts to every episode of the show. This week, she reflects on the season finale, from her exciting cognac tasting to the dramatic fight between Brandi and Sundy. Read her opinions on what was said and how she feels now that the season is over (ALMOST — tune in to the reunion next Monday at 8PM ET/PT!).


The season winds down as we continue our trip to Paris! Going to the region of Cognac was absolutely amazing, an experience I will never forget!
The journey has been long and educational to say the least, and to be able to go through the process of creating my new Cognac brand is a true blessing.

The countryside traveling out to Cognac was breathtaking and riding the express train to get there was even more mind-blowing! Seeing the villages and the people as we passed through are forever etched in my memory. :-) Read more…

Who Jackie Christie Wanted To Punch + Other Basketball Wives LA Regrets

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The Basketball Wives LA reunion is nearly upon us and with all the Draya-Orlando-Chantel drama that Jackie “didn’t start” and the explosive season ending with Brandi ready to beat Sundy‘s ass and Malaysia saying, bye to Jackie, well we think it’s just going to be a lot. We caught up with some of the ladies before the reunion to find out what they regretted most from this season. Some said they had no regrets, some wished they were “nicer” when they were mean and well, Jackie Christie? She wish she had some heads rolling.

Check out this sneak peek of Monday’s reunion to find out who and make sure to tune in Monday at 8 PM ET/Ct.

Shaunie O’Neal Upset By The “Reckless Behavior” On Last Night’s Basketball Wives LA

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We all saw what went down on last night’s Basketball Wives LA — the increasing tension, the broken friendships, and the worst insult one can imagine, slung at Brandi. After the ladies all had words with each other, Malaysia and Brandi tried to escape and head back to their room in the hotel. Sundy followed and she and Brandi ended up verbally sparring, with Brandi making accusations about Sundy’s malodorous flora, and Sundy striking back with a comment about Brandi’s inability to have more children. Yeah. She went there. Everyone watching was shocked and horrified, including Basketball Wives producer Shaunie O’Neal, who released the above statement via Instagram. What do you think about Sundy’s words on the show?

Price Of Fame: Read The Best Basketball Wives LA Tweets Of The Night

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We know you are still recovering from last night’s Basketball Wives LA reunion but we have more fuel for the fire. Aside from all the dry-ass byes and cognac tasting like Lorenzo and Sundy spewing unthinkable comments Brandi’s way happening on the episode – the ladies also took to Twitter to stand their ground. It was a more dramatic night than usual with Brandi, Malaysia, Draya, and Brittish tweeting that cancer is no joke. However that didn’t stop Sundy Carter from tweeting last night and she made sure to make it clear that she has apologized.

Check out our gallery of the most interesting, scandalous and ridiculous tweets of the night. What do you think? Is their anyway for Sundy to make any of this okay? Be sure to check the reunion episode out next Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Brandi Gets Real About Her Friendship With Draya

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Brandi Maxiell hasn’t been shy her first season of Basketball Wives LA about her struggles with pregnancy and cancer, where she stands on Googling b*itches and her distinction between being friendly and friends. In the aftermath of Sundy getting that shiner at the fist of Draya in Palm Springs, Brandi opened up to Jackie and Sundy about how she is first and foremost friends with Malaysia but she and Draya aren’t really friends. Of course this got back to Draya from Jackie and after the Zombie Mud Run, Draya confronted Brandi about it and the ladies were able to put the friendship or nah? behind them.

VH1 chatted with Brandi about why she thought it was important to make the differentiation between being real friends or friendly acquaintances and about what she really thinks of Draya Michele. Check out our exclusive video with the Basketball Wives LA star and tune in for the reunion show Monday, April 28 at 8 PM ET/PT.

Watch The This Is Hot 97 Celebrity Cameo Of The Night: Macaroni Macklemore

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Laura Stylez is a one-woman party-planning committee at Hot 97, and when Ebro tasked her to plan Macklemore‘s birthday party in the office, she was kind of frantic to pull it off and make it look heartfelt but professional. After asking all of her This Is Hot 97 co-workers for their suggestions about what to get him for a gift, she settled on something homemade. Something you can’t buy in any store: a macaroni Macklemore. And even though it was totally edible and pretty ugly, he loved it. See? The best gifts do come from the heart!


Who Won Black Ink Crew ‘s Baby Mama Battle Royale?

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A lot of ridiculous moments went down on the last episode of Black Ink Crew, Dutchess decided she wanted to get “BMW” breast implants, Sky admitted to having sex with a vampire, and Ceaser and Dutchess tried to work through that awkward moment when you’re still working with the person you just broke up with. However, it was O’Sh*t that left us SMDH’ing the most.

We know O’Sh*t isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box, but we thought he had enough common sense to know trying to get all three of his baby mamas in the same room for a koombayah moment wasn’t the best idea. Read more…