‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’ Sneak Peek: A Literal Trapped In The Closet Tale


Walk Of Shame Shuttle has delivered some cray stories but this might just take the cake.

In a sneak peek for an all new episode, Jordan learns that one of his passengers was, literally, trapped in the closet when a dalliance told him, mid hookup, that he better hide in her home because her man was outside! This story is absolutely bonkers.

Tune into an all new Walk Of Shame Shuttle to see how it all went down, Wednesday at 9:30 ET/PT.

‘Barely Famous’ Sneak Peek: Sara Gets Schooled On Social Media

by (@damianbellino)

Being a Hollywood almost-it girl requires a team and in a sneak peek for an all new Barely Famous, Sara Foster finds out that it takes a village to get back on Twitter. When Sara recruits a gaggle of young “friends” to help her stay relevant, she feels great but then terrible.

Find out if Sara has to extinguish her entourage on an all new Barely Famous, Wednesday at 9/8c.

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Kimbella Reveals Whether She’ll Be Yandy’s Maid Of Honor

by (@ShireaCarroll)

After the big announcement that they’re will be a televised wedding to document Yandeecees‘, Mendeecees and Yandy‘s, upcoming wedding, no one could be happier than Yandy’s bestie Kimbella.

Kimbella spills the beans on how wedding planning been going, and whether or not her pud Yandy is a bridezilla, and if she’s close enough to be Yandy’s maid of honor. Read more…

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus: Is Amina’s Ex-Boyfriend Orrin Really Over Her?

by (@ShireaCarroll)

When Amina‘s ex-boyfriend/ex-manager Orrin hit the Love & Hip Hop reunion stage last night, he seemed pretty suspect about his true intentions with Amina.

His charming smile and strange text messages, left us wondering if his resurgence in Amina life was strictly business or is there some pleasure involved.

We corner him and find out just how well he knows Amina, how he feels Peter effected her career and if he wants that old thing back with his ex Amina now that she seems single.

Tara + Amina Play A Game To See Who Knows Peter The Best

by (@ShireaCarroll)

After both dating the same man and having to put up with the same behavior for so many years, Tara and Amina play a game in attempt to determine who knows Peter Gunz the best.

Not only do we find out who may be truly the closet to playa Peter, but learn in the “battle,” whether or not the Vice President of the creep squad is the same to both women.

See if the two end up being “twinsies” and giving the same answer, or if Peter has them both confused.

Pearl Impersonated ‘Mob Wives’ Star Big Ang On ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

by (@damianbellino)

We might be partial to Mob Wives star Big Ang because she’s in the family but we’re certainly not the only ones. Drag queens are even keen on the larger than life Staten Island personality.

Check out Pearl from RuPaul’s Drag Race serving Angela-Raiola-realness on this season’s Snatch Game, a challenge where all the queens do their very best celebrity impersonations.

Pearl certainly captured Ang’s assets and voice but we think she could have been even more jovial as our favorite mob wife! What do you think of Pearl’s Big Ang?

There’s A New Bad Boosh In Town: Jessica Dime Joins ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’

by (@lizburrito)

Who is Jessica Dime, a.k.a. Dimepiece? Well, the self-proclaimed “bad bitch” is one of the newest cast members on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and her past friendship with Joseline Hernandez is one reason you’re definitely going to have your eyes on her. Watch her cast profile now and decide for yourself if this Memphis native with the screaming pink hair and a blossoming music career is K.Michelle 2.0 or if she’s a whole new breed.

[Photo: Instagram]

Enter Now To Win A Trip To Yandy And Mendeecees’ Wedding In NYC!

by (@lizburrito)

Yandy Mendeecees Wedding
On part two of the Love & Hip Hop New York reunion, Yandy and Mendeecees made the big announcement that their wedding would be a live, televised event, and they want one lucky fan of Love & Hip Hop (and a plus one, of course) to join in on the festivities! For your chance to win a trip to New York City to attend the Harris nuptials, all you have to do is send an RSVP on Twitter using the hashtag #LHHWeddingRSVP to enter. Fans can enter between April 13 at 10:00:01 PM ET until May 12 at 12:00:01 AM, and the winner will be toasting to Mr. and Mrs. Harris on May 25th along with some of Yandy’s closest friends and co-stars. Read more…

Watch Puma And Ceaser’s ‘Black Ink Crew’ Showdown From Every Angle

by (@lizburrito)

It was Team Puma Vs. Team Ceaser on the finale of Black Ink Crew, and tension is now at all all-time high among the two camps. When Puma heard that Ceaser was on the premises at his fashion show, he took that as a sign of aggression on Cease’s part and attacked, and what ensued was an all-out brawl. In these four clips, featuring footage from the show as well as footage taken from bystanders who were on location (everyone’s a cameraman these days, huh?), you can see the fight from every angle and decide for yourself what really went down, who landed their jabs, and whose side you’re on.

The DNA Results Are In: Is O’Sh*t Really Achilles’ Father?

by (@lizburrito)

All season long on Black Ink Crew, O’Sh*t has claimed that after he took an at-home DNA test, he confirmed that he’s not his son, Achilles‘ biological father. Kathie has denied that, and everyone in the shop has been wondering what the truth really is, and now we finally know the truth. O’Sh*t, you…

ARE the father!

Come to find out, O’Sh*t only claimed he wasn’t the boy’s father to get back at Kathie. “You know I just be saying that s— to get you mad!” he tells Kathie, who is completely devastated by the mind games. Fortunately, Ceaser talks some sense into O’Sh*t and tells him to make things right with Kathie, but that’s some messed up drama right there.