When Did Nick Carter Get Fat & Stupid?

by (@damianbellino)

On tonight’s episode of I Heart Nick Carter, Nick deals with the very revelation that he is fat and dumb. SORTA. Nick is concerned, after his tuxedo fitting, that he may be putting on some extra weight. He wants to be in lean, mean shape for the wedding or at least look like he is – Nick asks Lauren if she’s sure she wants to marry a “Fatstreet Boy.” Lauren assures him he’s no fattie but that she’ll help him at the gym if wants.


Meanwhile, Nick is concerned because he thinks Lauren is a smartypants and he never even finished high school. Lauren encourages Nick to get his GED if that’ll make him feel more secure and so he pursues finishing his education and taking the test. A sweet moment from Nick who admits his parents didn’t put a priority on school and his memories there were unpleasant and filled with bullying.


In spite of his pursuit of higher education, on the surface Nick still feels a certain way about his midsection but isn’t really into making the gym a regular thing so he goes to receive some laser treatment to help remove fat from his belly. He gets to sport a pretty sexy thong (not really but it is adorable) – all hail the powers that be that made Nick Carter wear this ridiculousness!


Ultimately, while he didn’t shed all his extra weight, Nick passed the GED and even had some muscles to show off to his soon-to-be-bride! Do you wanna give yourself a life-makeover like Nick too? WE DOO. See more of the adorable couple on next week’s I Heart Nick Carter.

Watch Big Brother Star Evel Dick Donato Reveal He’s HIV Positive On Couples Therapy

by (@lizburrito)

Evel Dick Donato left Big Brother 13 for undisclosed reasons a few years ago and since then, his departure has been the subject of tabloid fodder and fan gossip. On This week’s Couples Therapy, Dick reveals why he left that show, and the news is stunning. Read more…

Moniece Slaughter On The Custody Agreement That Has Everyone Talking & How Fizz Makes It Difficult To See Their Son

by (@damianbellino)

One of the most explosive storylines on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been Moniece Slaughter‘s struggle to coparent with her ex Fizz AKA Drew. While Moniece attempts to figure out her personal and professional life, she is trying to find stability to best guardian her son. Since the show’s premiere, Moniece has come face-to-face with Fizz’s girlfriend of two years, Amanda.

Moniece’s story has been all over social media as critics and haters attack her parenting and question why she doesn’t fight harder for her child. VH1 recently caught up with Moniece about airing her dirty laundry out on the reality sudser, if she thinks she and Fizz will ever get back together and the custodial agreement that has social media buzzing.

Moniece, what kind of conversation did you and Fizz before doing Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Can you explain how casting worked? Read more…

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Lost Files – Rasheeda On Kalenna Dissing Her Music + How She Became Friends With Althea

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Oh just because the season is over, don’t think we’re not going to keep giving you more of reality television’s favorite cast.

And just because the season is over don’t think we don’t still have lingering questions for Rasheeda and her out-of-nowhere friendship she formed with Althea toward the end of the season, as well as the shady comment Kalenna said about Rasheeda music earlier in the season. Check what our girl Rasheeda had to say: Read more…

VH1′s Sexiest Instagram Pix of September 2014

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September is merely but a memory and you know what that means? It’s time for us to gather the filthiest, sexiest, most delicious Instagram pics from the VH1 fam from this past month.

We’ve got sultry bedroom eyes and a few glimpses at all the best bits and pieces of your favorite reality stars. Click through our gallery and let us know who is the sexiest of them all.

Happy drooling!

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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Bonus Clip: Big Sister Brandy Tells Ray J Drama With Teairra Is Uncalled For

by (@ShireaCarroll)

After dumping all of Teairra Mari‘s clothes and Monistat on the floor at her tattoo party on the last episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Ray J meets up with his big sis Brandy Norwood to use her as sounding board for all the drama he’s dealing with.

In true big sister fashion Brandy reads Ray J, and says he needs to grow up and start making better decisions. “You put yourself in situations you don’t have to be in…in order to see different results in your life, you got to do different things,” she says.

Church! Watch what else Brandy had to say in this never before seen footage, and catch the next Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

Atlanta Exes Star Tameka Raymond Talks Usher, Being Called A Man, And Shades Kirk Frost

by (@ShireaCarroll)

Of course we’ve all heard the rumors about Tameka Raymond before she started to make her weekly appearances on the reality show Atlanta Exes, however after tuning in and getting to know Tameka, it’s safe to say you can’t always believe what you hear.

Now that the season has come to an end, Tameka clears up the remaining misconceptions about who she is, reveals how she and her ex-husband, Usher, interact with each other since their messy divorce, and admits even though Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Kirk Frost claims to be her “friend,” Tameka says she doesn’t even know Kirk like that: Read more…

The Best Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Memes Of Episode 3

by (@lizburrito)

Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood episode contained so many SMDH moments, we don’t even know where to begin. That’s why we love the commentary that the fans provide in the form of these hilarious memes. From Omarion‘s mom puling that “You don’t care about me” ish to Mally Mall acting like oral’s not real sex, to anything Hazel E does, you put the cast on blast. Check out the best memes from episode 3 now! Read more…

#PassTheBaton To Be On TV During The Drumline: A New Beat Premiere!

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Listen up, musicians and music lovers! VH1 is offering you and your school a chance to be on TV during the Drumline: A New Beat premiere on October 27th, and help an amazing cause all at the same time! Watch the video and check out all the #PassTheBaton details below!

Bands are invited to upload their top drum routines to YouTube and ‘pass the baton’ to a rival school to encourage them to top their performance. Fans and viewers can get involved as well by uploading a photo or video of them ‘passing the baton’ tagged with #PassTheBaton on Instagram, Twitter and Vine. The top submissions from bands and fans have the chance to win an on-air reveal of their drum routine during a special ‘halftime show’ when “Drumline: A New Beat” premieres on VH1.

Read more…

Evel Dick Reveals Why He Left Big Brother On This Week’s Couples Therapy

by (@lizburrito)

Evel Dick Donato has a secret he’s been holding in for years. It’s affected his relationship with Stephanie, and it’s the reason he left Big Brother 13. It’s been eating away at him all this time, and in this week’s sneak peek of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn, he can’t keep it in any longer. Watch the sneak and tune in to Couples Therapy when it airs this Wednesday at 9PM ET/PT to learn about Dick’s secret.