Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Sneak Peek: Masika & Hazel Fight Over Berg, Call Each Other Thirsty & Delusional

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With all the drama between Masika and Nikki and Hazel and Teairra and Amanda and Moniece, it’s been great to see Masika and Hazel’s friendship through it all. The moment was too short lived it seems. On the next Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Hazel calls Masika out for pictures on Instagram of she and Berg canoodling.

Masika says many of the pictures are from before she even knew Hazel and Berg were a “thing.” Hazel’s not buying what Masika’s selling, calling her, “thirsty.” Masika doesn’t have time for that though, asking Masika if Hazel’s mad because she’s “friends” with Berg or because he doesn’t want to f*** Hazel.

Find out how it all goes down on all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

9 Surprising Facts About Dr. Jenn Berman

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dr jenn casual
Our favorite TV therapist, Dr. Jenn Berman, is such a professional, that after five seasons on Couples Therapy, we realized we barely know the woman. We had to fix that. After having a pretty in-depth conversation with her, we learned that this woman has an incredible back story, a family with a legacy of their own, and some seriously hidden talents that you’d never know about from watching her show. Read on to find out about her famous family, her legacy as a medal-winning gymnast and more! Read more…

I Heart Nick Carter‘s Lauren Kitt-Carter Reveals Exclusive Wedding Details

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[Photo: VH1]

[Photo: VH1]

This week on I Heart Nick Carter, we watched Nick and his soul mate, Lauren, tie the knot in a beautiful seaside ceremony, attended by Backstreet Boys and complete with embarrassing and emotional toasts, champagne and great music. All the trappings of a perfect wedding, if you ask us. But as fans have seen over the past eight weeks, the planning process was a struggle and there was plenty of family drama along the way. We spoke to Lauren Kitt-Carter who gave us some exclusive details on the big day, from her wedding song, to what it was like to have every Backstreet Boy in attendance. Read more…

Check Out Some Of Nick & Lauren Carter’s Wedding Photos!

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This week marked the big finale of I Heart Nick Carter, and — don’t lie — Nick and Lauren‘s wedding made you a little misty, didn’t it? Their beautiful wedding, held in Santa Barbara, looked lovely and full of people who love and support them, and the bride and groom looked beyond happy. Lucky for us, Lauren sent us a few of her personal photos from the big day and from the celebrations leading up to it and she’s graciously allowed us to share them with you. Check out some of the beautiful moments from the show and from Lauren’s personal archive now!

[Photos: VH1 and Lauren Kitt Carter]

Exclusive: Masika Kalysha Talks Being Buddies With Justin Bieber, Meeting Mally & Nikki Being Obsessed With Her

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Each season of Love & Hip Hop is met with someone who spits the most perfect one-liners and this season it may just be newcomer Masika Kalysha. The model, singer and video vixen’s storyline has had us on the edge of our seats watching her come to blows with her ex-fling Mally Mall and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Nikki Mudarris.

VH1 recently caught up with Masika about the story behind Mally Mall and just how he got on the show, what Miss Nikki Baby really looks like in person and why she thinks Nikki (and her mom) are obsessed with her. Read more…

Mob Wives Season 5: The Return Of Karen Gravano

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Yep, you read that headline correctly: Karen Gravano is back on Mob Wives. And she hasn’t yet developed a taste for new blood. Watch the very first trailer for season five to see how Karen really feels about Natalie, and where the rest of the ladies stand with one another. Season five premieres on Wednesday, December 3 at 9PM ET/PT.

Check out photos of the cast on set and off from this summer below.
Read more…

Hazel E Responds To Yung Berg’s Trash Talking & Says “MANsika” Is Fraud When It Comes To

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Hazel E has been called everything under the sun from a “horny Muppet” to thirsty, delusional and desperate. Now the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star is clearing things up with costar Yesi Ortiz on her Power 106 FM show about this week’s episode.

Hazel says that while Berg makes it seem that she’s a total thirst bucket, the way he’s treating her on the show isn’t the way he was behaving off camera. Hazel says Berg talks a lot of trash but when cameras weren’t rolling he was cooking for her and she celebrated Father’s Day with his family. When it comes to the rumored relationship between Berg and Masika, Hazel calls her former friend “Man-sika” and says Masika was the one tell her to drop Berg but now she’s sitting on his lap because she’s totally “fraud.”

What do you think of all the Hazel E hate? Do you think Berg flipped the script on camera? Do you think Masika played Hazel? Find out how things unfold on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Bonus – Morgan + Yesi Try To Have An Intervention With Ray

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After making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Morgan and Yesi decide to pay Ray J a visit to have an intervention to let Ray know they feel alcohol abuse is causing him to self destruct.

“I don’t give a f**k how much ya’ll tell me about this emotional stuff, nobody can tell me I have a drinking problem,” Ray says refuting their claims. Read more…

K. Michelle: My Life Supertrailer – Liposuction, Hairstyles, + A New Boo

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It’s all about K. Michelle, her life, her music, her booty — her show. After being a part of the cast on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop New York respectively, K. Michelle will grace our VH1 screens solo. Read more…