Peter Cops To Being Naughty And Amina Asks For A “Husband That Doesn’t Cheat” On New Christmas Song, “It’s Christmas Time”

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What are some of your favorite Christmas songs? Do “Silent Night,” “Jingle Bells,” and/or “All I Want For Christmas Is You” make the list? Well we may have a new carol to add to your list. Love & Hip Hop power couple: Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly have dropped a new song, “It’s Christmas Time” just for the holiday. Check Peter copping to being a naughty creep this year on the verses with a sweetly sung hook by Amina. Make sure to listen to the words with choice lyrics like:

I want new rims for my jeep, I want a husband that don’t cheat, a vacation – take my way, more instruments that I can play. Oh, I want all these things I can’t have but I just might get them at last. Santa, just let me get luck tonight because it’s Christmas time.

What do you think of “It’s Christmas Time?” Add it to the rotation or nah? We kind of love it! Merry Christmas from the Pankeys, y’all!

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend: The Best ‘Mob Wives’ Tweets Of The Night

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The Mob Wives are not known for their subtlety on the show so why should they be subtle in their digs on social media? Last night’s Tweets were tame by comparison but the ladies are still making it clear – Renee has no time for Natalie, Natalie has no time for Karen and Karen has no time for Twitter. (Because she was filming new episodes!)

Check out our gallery of the best Tweets of the night to see Ang and Renee showing support of Drita and Lee‘s relationship, Ang opening up about meeting with Victoria Gotti and Natalie standing by her actions.

Be sure to tune into all new episodes of Mob Wives, Wednesdays at 9 PM ET/PT.

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Can Erica Mena And Peter Gunz Squash Their Beef For Amina’s Sake?

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In the past Erica Mena and Peter Gunz have come to blow on Love & Hip Hop because of Erica’s on-again, off-again relationship with Peter’s pal, Rich Dollaz but now that, that’s in the past can the two play nice?

In a sneak peek for next week’s episode, Amina‘s makes double date plans with Erica and Cyn because she’s in need of friends now that her sister is headed back to Germany. A chill Erica offers to throw Amina’s baby shower and says that even when beef was brewing between she and Peter she’s always had love for Amina and hopes they can be there for each other in New York.

Peter seems open to the idea but do you think these two can really bury their past drama? Flashback to Amina and Erica’s first meet where Mena and Peter went in on each other in the video below and tune into for an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT. Read more…

Amina And Erica Mena: New Besties

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Last season on Love & Hip Hop, Erica Mena couldn’t stand to be in the same room as Peter Gunz. This season, things have changed drastically. She’s cool with Peter, and now she’s super-tight with his wife, Amina Buddafly. Check out these photos, which include some from Mena’s Monday night premiere party for the show, of Mena and Amina looking like new BFFs!

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Victoria Gotti Says “Handle It”: ‘Mob Wives’ Season 5, Episode 3 In Pictures

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All the drama on Mob Wives seems to be orbiting Natalie and this week Big Ang had enough. Ang visited Mafiasa Victoria Gotti who instructed Ang to handle it. It meaning Natalie. As Ang and Drita started to come to terms with the fact that their friend may be a troublemaker, Karen faced a hiccup in her relationship with Storm as she discovered another woman in his home while she was still there.

Is Karen really though with Storm? Will Drita and Ang be able to resolve things with Natalie? Is Victoria Gotti going to terrify Renee? Find out next week on Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Star Chelsea Peretti Reveals How She Became Obsessed With ‘Love And Hip Hop’

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Chelsea Peretti is one of the funniest women on television and on Twitter, and as it turns out, Twitter is actually the reason she became such a big fan of Love & Hip Hop. She’s such a fan that her followers even made her a hilarious GIF, seen below, because she asked them to make her a compilation of all the purses thrown on every season.) Watch her talk about her favorite aspects of the show — especially Momma Dee‘s singing career — in the clip above!

Read more…

‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus Clip: Can’t Peter Gunz’s Baby Mamas All Just Get Along?

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This week on the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop, we saw Peter Gunz working on being a better husband to Amina and going with her to an ultrasound to find out the sex of their baby. And then five minutes later, we saw him creeping up on Tara, trying to get a kiss. Tara was having none of it and kicked him out. Read more…

The Best GIFs Of 2014 And What They Taught Us

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It’s almost a new year – 2014, we hardly knew ya. And as we wrap up, VH1 looks back at a year in both new series, like Candidly Nicole and Dating Naked and old standbys, such as Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives, and the best moments caught in GIF form. What lessons did we glean from the GIFS of fake butts and naked butts, from Joseline to Draya?

2014 gave us some of the most GIF-able seconds of TV – what GIF has educated you this year? Read more…

Drita’s Daughters Are BOSSES

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Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the best photos Drita D’Avanzo has posted to her Instagram account of her girls. Not only does the Mob Wives star adore Aleeya and Gizelle, but these girls are beautiful, sweet and hilarious in their own right. Guess they got it from their mama.

Sneak Peek: Is Victoria Gotti The New HBIC Of The ‘Mob Wives’ ?

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We’re merely a few episodes in and the drama is already on high on Mob Wives. Karen and Renee can’t stand Natalie, and Drita and Ang have found themselves stuck the middle of their ongoing war.

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, Ang goes to visit the HBIC of the mob world, Victoria Gotti to get some advice from a woman who is well respected. Victoria is cool and poised and tells Ang to pinpoint the problem and “diffuse it.”

How do you think Ang will silence the drama? Will Natalie listen to Big Ang? What do you think of Victoria Gotti joining the ladies? Find out on an all new episode of Mob Wives, Wednesday at 9 PM ET/PT.