Borat is this many…


Rupert Murdoch is excited and you should be too — according to The Hollywood Reporter, the silver Fox head announced Thursday at New York’s Media Summit that a Borat sequel is on the way. "[Sacha Baron Cohen] will do a sequel," said Murdoch. "He will first do something else…then he wants to come back and do a Borat 2."

Or maybe Murdoch just wants him to want to, as a senior VP at Fox is quoted as saying that the sequel is "too preliminary to discuss." Maybe too convoluted, as well — you’re more likely to find people who believe that Michael Jackson’s face is a product of natural causes than people who’ll fall for Borat’s shtick. Hell, we all know by now that he smells bad on purpose. And so, what could a sequel possibly hold for Borat? Taking on Apollo Creed? Disgusing himself to join a convent to help save a high school that’s in jeopardy? Pronounced rubber nipples? A revenge story that this time will be really personal?

The crappy sequel possibilities are endless as Cohen’s potential for greatness. At least Murdoch thinks so — during his initial screening of Borat, Murdoch recalls that he "laughed like hell" and then later laughed some more. Sounds like a jolly good time to the tune of "Buh-wah ha ha ha!"

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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