Drama, revisited



Mary J. Blige makes like her latest album title and offers some reflections on her career in the March issue of Vibe. In 1995, she thought of herself as "ugly." In response to a 1997 Vibe piece, Blige embraces her voice’s imperfection. And, when looking back at her most recent cover story, a 2005 piece that detailed her post-drama relationship with and subsequent marriage to Kendu Issacs, she implies that the honeymoon period has since ended: "In marriage, you learn quickly that he’s not going to compliment you all the time and he’s not always going to be there. I can’t constantly depend on him to make me feel smart or special."

As juicy as those bits are, though, there’s one that towers over the rest. In 2003, she opened up about her past with drug addiction and, it turns out, she’s still open. A little too open, as it were, when it comes to her analogy to dependency:

"Imagine a pile of s*** the size of this whole room is on top of you and you’d have to fight your way up. Now you may be on the mountain of that s***, but you are still dirty, and people can see that."

Ugh, Mary, do I have to? I have a lunch that needs eating. If that image isn’t enough to keep you off drugs, surely the accompanying smell is.


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