Sharon Stone, you don’t fool me


Here’s Sharon Stone at a press conference during the 57th Berlin International Film Festival:


Note her determination when listening to the translated question regarding her film When a Man Falls in the Forest, which made its debut at the fest. Her cool, calculated absorption of whatever she’s being fed is that of a seasoned stenographer, or perhaps a stoic child of a jihad training camp. Do not be fooled by her composed demeanor — her wild eyes are just waiting to pounce.


Wild-eyedness is not a disease, it’s not a disorder, it’s just what her face does.

You can take the girl out of Casino, but you cannot take the Ginger out of the girl. Sharon suggests that Forrest was an emotionally freeing experience for her, countering what she describes as "Prozac society where we’re always told we’re supposed to have this kind of equilibrium of emotion." Equilibrium? What’s that? Who’s he?


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