How Drew’s Garden grows…


Drew_gardensDrew Barrymore, pictured here at Monday’s premiere of Words and Music being attacked by mini-jellyfish, tells New York that she is "so excited" to play cult eccentric "Little" Edie Bouvier Beale in the non-musical biopic version of Grey Gardens. And really, who wouldn’t want to put themselves in the shoes of a semi-coherent fiftysomething who lives in a decaying South Hampton mansion, surrounded by raccoons and defecating cats?

Drew’s forthright about the film’s opportunity to break her out of the romantic-comedy mode she’s settled into over the past 10 years. But her sunny disposition spills into her interpretation of the tragicomedy that was the Beales’ shared life:

"You know, love stories can come in so many different forms. I love Harold and Maude and Paper Moon. One of the greatest love stories I’ve ever seen is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. It’s between two men, but I defy you not to get choked up at the end. I even think that Big Edie and Little Edie have a kind of love story. It is a love story. It is."

Love story, an opportunity to bicker in a public forum, same thing. No wonder Hugh Grant called her (to her face, no less) "annoyingly optimistic."

[New York Magazine]

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