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Elliott_waitWith Perry Farrell resurrecting bloated Morrison vocal tracks for his upcoming Satellite Party and other ill-fated, beyond-the-grave exhumations [I’m looking at you Diddy, and that Biggie Duets aberration], it’s nice to hear we’ll hear from Elliott Smith, the patron saint of melancholic songwriting.

Smith, who died under mysterious circumstances in late 2003, left behind unreleased material from throughout his career — May 8 marks his estate’s release of two-discs worth of material entitled New Moon, largely outtakes recorded during Smith’s Either/Or era. And as if new tracks from Smith weren’t reward enough, proceeds from sales go to Outside In, a Portland based charity aiding homeless kids. So you can feel like less of a selfish bastard.


Matt_mark2_wait_1 Departed co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon will soon be dearly reunited. The pair are close to signing on to co-star in The Fighter, a biopic based on the life of boxer Micky Ward and his brother, Dick Eklund (Mark and Matt will play them, respectively). Since the story takes place in Lowell, Mass., and Mark and Matt are both die-hard Boston natives, they’re wicked obvious choices for the roles. Their signing on is contingent on a forthcoming rewrite of the script from The Good German scribe Paul Attanasio, but Mark shows all signs of being pumped to participate. He recently said of the film: "I’ve been dying to do a boxing movie my whole career. I’ve been close to doing two, and they kinda fell apart, but it’s something I’m very excited about." Me too!

[The Hollywood Reporter]


Michelleryan_waitNBC has found its  Bionic Woman and she’s a Brit! Michelle Ryan, best known for her work on the British soap EastEnders, has been cast in the pilot of the remake series. Will she come fully equipped with her across-the-pond features? Are cockney accents and bursts of melodrama standard in androids? Finally, will those sensuous lips be part of the "$50 million worth of bionic components implanted in her body," or are they going to try to tell us that plastic can be bee-stung, too?


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