N.D. to Bono: Try Joshua Tree


Though he’s got Gates and Clinton on speed dial and his songs are incorporated into Catholic masses, Bono may have found the one group he hasn’t won over, yet — North Dakota legislators.

Recently, Fargo state Rep. Scot Kelsh submitted a bill to honor the U2 frontman for his work in raising awareness on poverty, debt relief, and eyewear. The resolution was defeated by a shockingly close vote of 58-35, meaning that approximately a quarter of the state’s population has forgiven the band for Pop.

After the bill’s defeat Republican representative Gil Herpel expressed his confusion at the bill, stating that he had previously thought it was to honor Sonny Bono, of Sono and Cher fame.

"When I saw the resolution, I was looking for Cher’s name in there," Herbel told Yahoo! News.

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