The Pig Picture



The trailer for Penelope (due in theaters April 6) has hit the ‘Net, but you’re likely to come away disappointed after watching it. The movie is a sort of grown-up fairy tale about its titular character (played by Christina Ricci), a girl born with the face of a pig who’s on a quest for societal acceptance. It looks charming and Burton-esque (think Edwina Piggynose), but there’s a catch: we only see Penelope from behind or with her face covered.


Not allowing us to see the prosthetic nose is clearly an attempt to drum up curiosity. But then attending the film becomes a risk on the part of the potential ticket-buyers. What if her pig nose looks totally wack? What if it’s all a ruse and it isn’t a pig nose at all? If I detect prosthesis, I’m totally asking for my money back.

[Penelope on Yahoo! Movies]

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