Rose McGowan – She’s Just Like Us!



In a recent interview with the newly relaunched RADAR magazine, Rose McGowan takes pains to prove that underneath that spotlight-struck skin, she’s just a normal gal. Line dancing while filming Grindhouse in Austin, Texas? Check. The refusal to accept gift bags at Hollywood events? Check. Inability to do her own hair? Check. Honesty about an inflated sense of entitlement?  Check! ("I do love it when I meet someone who works at a post office who’s a complete diva," says Rose. "It’s like, ‘At least I have an excuse.’")

Rose heightens the contrast between herself and the fame whores that dominate her industry with this gem of a quote:

"I’m not out at [nightclubs] hoping someone will take my picture. Mostly, I’m doing crosswords in the bathroom."

See, she’s so removed from Hollywood mentality that she doesn’t even realize that if she’d film herself doing that and then leak it onto the Internet, she’d give her career a major boost.


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