The Best ‘Crest


Ryan Seacrest says that watching reruns of the first American Idol season makes him "embarrassed." It’s not just the shoddy production values — Seacrest, like any glamour-monger, looks back on his appearance and cringes:

"My hair and my clothes are embarrassing at times, I can’t believe I went out of the house that way."

Please, ‘Crest, it was 2002. Society was, like, way primitive back then. No need to hang your head, we’ve all been there. To further elucidate what he speaks of, here’s a side-by-side comparison of Ryan from the first season finale, versus Ryan from the fifth and most recent Idol season finale:


So, the suit isn’t as cheap, the tips are no longer frosted and the fake-tan is a more respectable shade of orange. This is what you call progress, people.

[New York Post]

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