Bassett Case



And you thought your parents sucked: Angela Bassett has revealed to More details about her dealings with her father that are enough to make any childhood seem idyllic. Among them:

  • She saw him intermittently throughout her young life.
  • In college, after making more of an effort to see him, he offered her marijuana after one meeting.
  • During another meeting, he slipped her the tongue while kissing her goodbye.

On the last item, Angela recalls: "When he did that, I was just angry, and angry at myself that I didn’t slap the [bleep] out of him." Seriously — too bad she didn’t unleash her Waiting To Exhale, slash-and-burn fury upon him. Angela says she used her personal pain for her acting. She’s a survivor that keeps on surviving: check out more shots of her persevering at the recent unveiling of Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.






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