Lily Allen: Designs for less


Remember when musicians were satisfied just making music? Me neither. Following in the long and storied line of her sartorial ancestors, pint-sized British smack-talker Lily Allen announced plans to start designing her own clothes for low-cost British retailer New Look. The line will be called Lily Loves and will be exclusively available in May in the U.K., at least for now; reports say to watch out for six dresses in different styles and colors. Since Allen’s known for wearing new and vintage prom dresses with oversize hip-hop jewelry and sneakers, you’ll know what to expect. Interestingly enough, the Kate Moss-designed line for New Look rival Topshop will be available just a few weeks earlier. If Madonna hadn’t already designed a line for H&M, the competition would be fierce. (Throw Pete Doherty in there, and you never know what’ll happen.) In the meantime, you can satisfy your Lily Allen jones here.