American Idol To Start Reeducation Camps for America’s Youth



In a savvier marketing move than the ill-conceived American Idol Moments perfume, the producers of the television show are starting an Idol summer camp, aimed at 12-15 year-old children, and will allegedly impart the secrets of becoming the next American Idol. Former Idols and celebrities are expected to drop into classes. In addition to classes such as "Auditioning Techniques" and "Not Crying When Simon Looks At You," the camp will serve as a hybrid, integrating those activities with typical summer camp experiences such as swimming and playing sports.

The ten-day program will accept 700 applicants, who will be judged on "enthusiasm, dedication, a desire to perform and a passion for the arts," and cost $2,900. But really, you can’t put a price on the ten-day reprieve from wedgies and cat calls of "theater dork."

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