Catfight: Lily Allen vs. Lady Sov



Surprise! Lily Allen and Lady Sovereign aren’t getting along. The mouthy, much-hyped members of Britpop’s new guard (the former a pint-sized smack-talking ska artist, the latter a pint-sized smack-talking Adidas Muppet) traded words in the press after Lady Sov claimed Allen owed her recent success to her dad, Keith, a famous British comedian. Here’s how it went down:

Lady Sovereign: “I’m not hating on her but someone like Lily Allen, just ’cause her dad’s famous, doesn’t have to work as hard as someone like me."

Lily Allen: "I’ve spoken to my dad and he says he’d be happy to adopt you if you think it will give you a leg up."

More as more develops . . . .

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