Shocker: Jacko Attracts the Crazies!



If you thought Michael Jackson fighting with Debbie Rowe over "his" decidedly Caucasian children was crazy, you were underestimating the power of wacko. Though that case settled in September, a British woman repeatedly has attempted to stir things up: Nona Paris Lola Jackson claims to be the real mother of Jacko’s kids and filed a motion in October seeking a role in the settlement. So now Rowe’s maternity is being questioned? Damn ovaries, always getting mixed up and switched around and being "fertilized" by Michael Jackson’s "sperm."

Nona’s motion was denied in November and again on Thursday because she hasn’t proved credible evidence that she’s the children’s birth mother. Also, probably because she’s crazy: via telephone, she asked a court on Thursday, TV-movie style, "Is Mr. Jackson denying I’m the mother of the children? What is he saying about my children?" She also has claimed that, "Michael and I are a sexually active couple and have been this way from the beginning." If that’s false it’s insane, if that’s true, it’s insane and nauseating. Finally, Nona claims to have written 3,000 songs for Michael. These include but are not limited to: "The Doggone Kids Are Mine," "Man in the Mirror, Give Me My Child-Support Check," "Off the Wall (No, Really)," "Dangerous (Mentally)" and "The Chair, Too, Is My Son."


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