They Spinnin’! Friday’s Hip-Hop Headlines


Happy Birth-Dre!
On the big four-two, Dr. Detox says the most anticipated rap CD ever is definitely coming out this year. Definitely. He’s just not sure which month …

Dirty Diamond
Meanwhile, we shock the world by airing a behind-the-bling doc featuring the grimiest of them all (take a look at the comments)

‘Course, VH1’s own hip-hop cred (don’t laugh) has everything to do with a white guy from New York who’s got a new release in the works

Jus Think
This conscientious MC gave White Rapper a little class, and ‘splains how it feels to go from VH1 B-Boy back to USC fellow

HHB Fridays
Whaat!? Let Lil’ John Brown get your weekend off to a thoroughly perplexing start

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