Mr. Sunshine



Alan Arkin showed some tough love for his Little Miss Sunshine co-star Abigail Breslin before Sunday’s Academy Awards — he told Access Hollywood that he hoped she didn’t win the Best Supporting Actress award for which she was nominated.

"What, next year she is going to get the Nobel Prize? It’s enough. She has had enough attention…I love her and I love her family; and I feel enough is enough. She is a kid; she needs to have a childhood."

First of all, the "Nobel Prize" argument is about as sound as the "granting gays the right to marry opens the door for people to marry their pets" argument. Second of all, she’s not going to have a childhood, anyway, because she’s an actress (one whose livelihood, btw, depends on attracting attention). Third of all, if it weren’t for a kick-ass performance from a child actor in Little Miss Sunshine, he wouldn’t have even had been invited to the red carpet, let alone be allowed to spout his philosophy from it. How’s that for a vicious circle? [People]

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