Timba Set to Land


73270002_1 It isn’t even March yet, but the hype for Timbaland’s new album is already proving to be way more lion than lamb — a lion that’s just as likely to drop you in a full nelson as it is to drop a woofer-wreckin’ beat, apparently.

Last Friday, Timbaland talked to Billboard about the new disc, "Shock Value", which is set to drop on March 27. The CD will feature appearances by the usual suspects like Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, as well as a few unlikely guests such as Elton John and Fall Out Boy. But regardless of who’s on board, the superstar producer is aiming to move the booty, not the mind.

"I’ve never been this anticipated in my whole life when it comes to my own record," said Timba. "But I’d really rather people like me as an entertainer versus an artist. I just like to entertain."

He can rest assured that people won’t mistake him for anything other than an entertainer on Sunday, April 1, as that’s the day that the Flying Timba (our name, not his) is scheduled to appear in Detroit as part of WrestleMania 23. As the event is hot on the heels of the release of "Shock Value", wrestlemag.com is speculating that Timba will do more than just roll around on the ground with huge, sweaty men; he might also perform a song or two.

And which song might it be were he to perform? Well, MTV.com premiered the new video for "Give It to Me" today. The song sounds like it could’ve been lifted straight off of either of JT or Nelly’s new albums — they even reference "SexyBack" and "Promiscuous", respectively, in the song — so it isn’t groundbreaking stuff, but it’s plenty catchy and is sure to be found banging in more than a few clubs. Plus, with both of those entertainer-tists hitting No. 1 thanks to his Timbosity, why mess with a good thing?

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