Are You There, Diary? It’s Me, Anna Nicole.



The rarely readable New York Post gossip grand dame Cindy Adams is actually worth paying attention to today: Cindy claims she was given a sneak peak of Anna Nicole Smith’s diaries that span the years 1992-94. Though she can’t reveal dirt in full (excerpts from the journal are to be published in Train Wreck, the forthcoming tell-all from  Anna Nicole’s sister Donna Hogan), Cindy does provide some choice nuggets. Among them:

  • Anna Nicole abused pills as a kid.
  • She often abused said drugs and partied with her newly martyred mother, Virgie Arthur.
  • She wasn’t a very good speller (for example, "pneumonia" was written as "namonia").
  • She had a pregnancy scare while married to J. Howard Marshall, for which she suspected many men could have been her potential kid’s potential father.
  • On Marshall, she wrote "I love him so much."

Is the last item a revelation ("She was telling the truth all those years!") or was she just practicing living in front an audience, even back then?

In other ANS updates, Virgie met Dannielynn for the first time Tuesday. Dannielynn is so hotly pursued that she undoubtedly will have to start arranging audiences for heads of state.  Also on the DL tip: a Florida family judge has ruled that no DNA will be taken from the baby for Larry Birkhead’s paternity case. Nice. Keeping this saga moving at a crawl, just the way the rubber-neckers like it. Finally, one of Anna Nicole’s friends thinks she died of lupus. You can intravenously inject lupus? [New York Post]

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