Diddy’s Gonna Knock You Out



Diddy has been accused of punching a man at a post-Oscars party in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the scuffle wasn’t a result of Diddy’s pent-up rage at having to sit through the nearly four-hour awards ceremony — it was over a woman. Gerard Rechnitzer was partying at Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel with his fiancee Sunday night. Allegedly, while Gerard was using the bathroom, Diddy attempted to mack on the fiancee, inviting her back to a private party. When Gerard returned and witnessed what was going on, he implored his fiancee to get out of there. Gerard and Diddy exchanged words, things escalated and Gerard ended up hit in the face, according to TMZ’s story.

If this is true, news outlets around the world will thank Diddy for never finding an economic way to uphold his reputation as both a ladies man and a jerk. (And just in case the latter isn’t clear, here is further proof.) [AP/Yahoo!]

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