White Stripes: Thumps in the Truck



Meg White can breathe easy. Our favorite rhythmically-challenged tub-thumper still has a job. For The White Stripes have announced that they will release a new album, Icky Thump, on some date to be announced when we can’t handle the suspense anymore (and Meg learns to use the second snare). On their Web site, ver Stripes explained:

"We are doing our best (whatever that is) to release the album as soon as corporately possible. And though we are tired, worn, weary, hungry, cold and left without an ounce of nutrition amongst ourselves, we are in the midst of planning performance type shows around the world."

Translated, that means: "Contractual obligation album of Elephant off-cuts on its way. No hits." Still, Jack White’s off-cuts are like The Fiery Furnaces at their best. Sample song titles include: "Catch Hell Blues" and "Little Cream Soda."

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