Paris Hilton: Back Like a Rash



The AP’s Wednesday report of Paris Hilton‘s latest traffic offense brought an official end to the news organization’s week-long ban on reporting on the celebulite. AP national writer Jocelyn Noveck explains the org’s objective:

"Editors just wanted to see what would happen if we didn’t cover this media phenomenon, this creature of the Internet gossip age, for a full
week. After that, we’d take it day by day. Would anyone care? Would
anyone notice?"

Apparently some people did care. Though most
concern stemmed from those who took issue with a powerful news organization banning anything, the ban itself has generated one of the biggest Paris
stories in recent memory  (here are just a few reports). This just goes to show that Paris Hilton is much like the herpes she’s rumored to carry: just when you think she’s gone, she flares up with a vengeance. [AP/Yahoo!]

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