Breaking! Paris Hilton May Use Drugs!!!



The New York Daily News is reporting that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie‘s capacity to counsel campers on an upcoming season of The Simple Life is being questioned by the Foundation for Jewish Camping. A recent web post from Courtney Love supposedly  claims that a "white powder" was present at Paris’ recent birthday party. Apparently when Courtney Love speaks, the Foundation for Jewish Camping listens — Courtney’s suggestion of Paris’ drug use has FJC’s Jerry Silverman skeptical. Not Paris’ DUI arrest. Not her casual tossing of racial epithets. Not even her exhaustively documented chemical romance. But hearsay from Courtney Love, whose perma-haze must make her among the least reputable sources on the planet. I’d believe what Baby Luv had to say before I believed Courtney and Baby Love is a kinkajou.  [New York Daily News]

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