Tour Survival Guide: Razorlight



Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s Razorlight’s Andy Burrows talking blisters, bushes and beer.

Real rockers don’t tour without their PJs…
To be honest, we do tend to pass out. Lots of times I wake up with everything on, even the scarf. But even if you’re quite drunk it’s nice to wake up in your pajamas, so we always have them around…

Put down the beer, stay out of the bushes…
The other week in Munich, after too many Heinekens, I jumped into a thorn bush. I messed up my elbow and had to have stitches. My mum rang the next day and there was a big thing in the English tabloids about it. I couldn’t believe that anybody had bothered to write about my elbow.

Befriend U2…
They had us on their jet and invited us to a couples of meals — it was very weird. I had some blisters from drumming, and Larry Mullen invited me to his special room to have a chat about how to help keep my hands in shape.

Pick up the beer, stay away from the chemicals…
We always ask for Heineken backstage. It used to be Stella, but we went off it. There’s a lot of chemicals in Stella — it’s fighting beer, it makes you go evil.

Razorlight are currently on tour:

-3/3 Martyrs Chicago
-3/4 Varsity Theatre Minneapolis
-3/7 Slims San Francisco
-3/9 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles
-3/10 Casbah San Diego
-3/12 Salon 21 Mexico City
-3/14 SXSW Festival – Stubbs Barbeque Austin, Texas
-3/16 SXSW Festival – Zona Rosa Austin, Texas

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