Avril Salutes Brit’s Physical Stamina and Athletic Coordination (But Not Her Voice)



Avril Lavigne may spit at paparazzi and act snarky all day, but she’s not always a wise-ass. After working on the video for “Girlfriend” and trying to bust choreography moves while chirping in tune, she’s discovered how exacting the process is, and has given a shout-out to Britney Spears, who once did that kind of thing all the time. Well there was a bit of snark in Lady Lavigne’s statement, actually.

"The whole thing where you sing and dance is so hard, so that’s probably why she [Britney] doesn’t sing, right, ha ha!"

"Girlfriend," which is slated to be part of AV’s forthcoming The Best Damn Thing, features that Ramones meet Kelly Clarkson vibe the Sk8ter Grrl has mastered over the years. She’s told reporters that she wrote it while she was drunk. Maybe that’s something Brit should try – she could use a catchy tune right about now.

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