Bobby Brown in Radio Backout


Bobby Brown was bounced from a three-day jail stint last week for not paying child support by a Washington D.C. radio station that picked up his $19,000+ tab. In exchange, Bobby was to grant the station an interview, but when it came time to talk on Friday, Bobby backed out, claiming on air, "That wasn’t our deal," before hanging up. Bobby has since agreed to give the station back its money. Note to Bobby: if you were just thrown in jail for being a deadbeat, it’s probably not good for your image to spend your first days of freedom being a deadbeat.

Speaking of Bobby’s parenting, he and estranged wife Whitney Houston reunited Sunday at Mr. Chow to celebrate the birthday of their daughter, Bobbi Kristina. has posted a video of their group leaving the restaurant and damn if it doesn’t feel like old times. In the course of 60 seconds, Whitney puts on a surly front for strangers, flashes a peace sign-smile combo and tells someone in the back of the car she’s climbing into to "Shaddap!" All it was missing was a "Hell to the no." [AP/Yahoo!]

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