Jaded KISS


Simmons AllHipHop recently caught up with KISS bassist Gene Simmons (yes, you read that right) to discuss, among other things, the current state of hip-hop. The outspoken master of metal and make-up, who was in Vegas promoting his clothing line and TV show, unleashed these nuggets:

- "Rap better figure out something new, because the next group of guys who say ‘Wassup’ is not gonna be original enough."

- "I’d like to hear a rapper who can really speak English exceedingly well, somebody who can pronounce every single word, doesn’t make up his own language, and just is a breath of fresh air."

- "I’m talking about somebody who can … speak White language better than the White man, and do it to music."

My take? Some people feel as though they have all the answers for everyone, especially when they have TV shows to promote. Best to ignore them. The only thing I took exception to is Gene’s misguided notion that the term ‘Wassup’ is a staple of rap lyrics. I think you’ve been watching too many Budweiser commercials, dude. Your generalization makes you sound like a curmudgeon from the old-folks home … Damn those kids with their rap music and their hippidy-hoppidy jive talkin’, ditchin’ school in their baggy dungarees and sayin’ ‘Yo, wassup, my hood, my gang’ to each other on the corner. Damn those kids

(Read the full interview here.)

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