Antonella & the Idols: Secrets Revealed



Last night on American Idol, the final eight women contestants shared some personal tidbits about themselves. Here’s the new info:

Haley Scarnato was a young Mary Lou Retton.
Lakisha Jones hid from her own pets.
Gina Glocksen keeps a troll in her pocket.
Melinda Doolittle is completely insane.
Stephanie Edwards likes to sing.
Jordin Sparks likes football.
Sabrina Sloan likes Katie Couric.

Antonella Barba likes dancing, dancing out of rhythm on TV, dancing with girls, dancing on the bar, Bud Light, flipping the bird, going to the bathroom for people with cameras, wiping, making a hands-bra for her topless girlfriends, just generally “going wild,” UNC Basketball, being hot, being hotter than all her friends, participating in late-night see-through wet-turtleneck modeling at memorials for dead American soldiers, sucking, generating a racial double-standard brouhaha, wearing short-shorts, bringing a tape of herself in a bikini to a singing competition, being googled, making people try to figure out whether or not something is gonna be NSFW, being better than Sanjaya (and almost as pretty), making girlfriends across America say, “I don’t get it, She’s not that pretty,” absolutely freakin’ butchering Corrine Bailey Rae songs, and explaining her love for violin playing and how she doesn’t have that much time for it since she “went to college.”

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