She’s Your Cover Girl


Jhud_ewHow many indignities must one it-girl face? That’s the question that comes to mind when surveying Jennifer Hudson‘s recent magazine covers — each seems to be more unflattering than the next. The most recent example is the Entertainment Weekly cover (pictured, left) that features the young diva with her eyes crossed. Sexy!

Before that she graced the cover of Giant (a Hollywood-backed comment on J.Hud’s weight?); landed in Vogue with a hideous open-mouthed shot (Anna Wintour is a sadist); and appeared on the front of Essence with either a massive necklace or a terrible case of chest fungus. (Click here to see the covers.)

So what’s next for the newly minted face of Avon? Untouched acne? Nasty teeth? A unibrow? Designer eye bags? Click the mock-up cover on the right for a vision of the future: a future in which people go out of their way to make J.Hud look bad. Hollywood is not an easy place for big girls, but this is ridiculous.

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