Who Wouldn’t Pay To Party With K-Fed?



Those lights next to Kevin Federline‘s head in the picture above represent a bright idea he reportedly has concocted: charging $25,000 for exclusive media coverage of his 29th birthday party (March 21) at a Hollywood’s Eleven club. The media outlet would have its logo emblazoned on the red carpet and, uh…not much else. Supposedly no big celebs have RSVPed for the event, and the chances of an interview with K-Fed during the party seem slim.

For those who may be tempted to attend, let me save you the trouble. Here are what the inevitably brief reports might look like:

  • "Kevin Federline hosted his 29th birthday party last night looking nowhere nearly as disheveled as he should have, considering. The end."
  • "Kevin Federline was overheard telling a group of busty blondes, ‘If you buy me a drink, I’ll show you my thing.’ He was met with awkward silence. The end."
  • "At one point, Kevin Federline pulled out his wallet. Passing some pictures around to fellow partiers, he said, ‘My three kids are my world.’ When someone pointed out that he has four children his response was, ‘D’oh.’ The end."
  • "After hours had gone by and the crowd had thinned to around 50 ‘friends,’ Kevin Federline took to the stage and performed an impromptu, three-song set. After the first song he said, awestruck, ‘I’ve never played for a group this big before.’ The end."
  • "Kevin Federline announced at the start of his 29th birthday party, ‘The best present you could give me is a wealthy womb for my virile seed. Anyone? Anyone?’ More on this story as it develops." [New York Post]
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