Sanjaya, Not Sundance: The Idol 12


Are John Mayer songs hipper than Pearl Jam songs? That’s one of the questions you might want to ask when deciphering why Sanjaya Malakar and his wan vocals moved to American Idol’s final 12 while the robust growls of Sundance Head were left in the dust. Malakar bounced through Mayer’s "Waiting On the World To Change," and Sundance roared through the grunge anthem "Jeremy." Guess America doesn’t dig the classics. Sunny got the boot, Sanj stayed, and we get to find out what Diana Ross brings to the party on Tuesday night.

In other headscratchers, Sabrina Sloan was also shelved while Haley Scarnato took a seat with her 11 pals. And yes, the mediocrity of Jared and Antonella was also rubber-stamped by voters. Some wedding band somewhere is going to have a very hot lead singer soon…

Which one of the boots surprised you the most? Tell the world in "comments."

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