What’s on the Blogs – Katie Holmes’s Leftovers, Chris Brown’s Hot Dog


Maggieg_links- Maggie Gyllenhaal is set to replace Katie Holmes in the upcoming Batman Begins sequel. Are they going to scrub Maggie’s brain so that she can replicate Katie’s line delivery? [Dlisted]

- Chris Brown says the purported leaked nude pictures of him are fake: "I’m lookin’ at two pictures of two different dudes abs, like the ab muscle. And the thang itself look like a red hot dog." But what of the buns, Chris? [CONCRETELOOP]

- Nicole Kidman has been pegged for a Nip/Tuck guest spot. Nicole Kidman on a show about nipping and tucking? What a stretch. [MollyGood]

- Claire Danes dons "boyfriend pants" in a new Gap commercial. Who says cross-dressing has no place in advertising? [Best Week Ever]

-  At least Tori Spelling‘s baby will be cuter than she is if this predictive picture is accurate. [CityRag]

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