The Surreal Life Fame Games Recap – Episode 8 – Not-So Hot Shots



A few flashes of the bulb and Rob’s flipping out. Just another day on Surreal Life Fame Games! And, in other news…


…she’s outta here!

At the start of the show, Traci is still reeling about Chyna Doll’s exit. Apparently, rubber-chicken shots are just not as much fun when you do them alone. She talks to Ron about her frustration.


Ron agrees that it’s wack that Andrea won last week’s telethon challenge because Chyna clearly had more famous celebs call her. He says that karma will bite Andrea in the ass. Not if Verne gets there first!

The celebs are carted away for a relaxing day at by the pool at the Tropicana. Except not really, because they’re going to be secretly photographed by hidden "paparazzi."


The idea is to find ridiculous photos Video_icon that can be spun into scandal. Robin is pleased with the plan. 


And so begin the shots. Andrea is spotted showing off her boobs to a girl who sits on her lap…


Pep is seen checking herself out…


Ron’s crack gets a supporting role…



Rob is seen leafing through a magazine. As he starts he says, "Playgirl presents…" and then asks why the pages are stuck together. Um, gross. Soon, Rob gets sick of hanging out in the sun…


Um, well, the resort isn’t the one who was paging through a Playgirl, now was it? Rob gets so antsy that he ends up tossing a chair into the pool.



Rob’s behavior gets all the Surreal Lifers kicked out. So then Rob really gets what he wants, which is sort of disappointing on a human level.

Back at the mansion Pepa tells Traci and Andrea that she has ESP.


This will become an important point later in the episode. Or did your own sixth sense tell you that?

The celebs find out that they’ll be going to the Palms club that night. Verne, however, will not make the trip because his wisdom teeth are coming in and they hurt!


No one else has any dental issues to speak of, and so they’re off. Traci gets pretty loose, thanks to…


…a rubber chicken! In fact there are two of them…


A cockfight. But this one doesn’t end in the death of anything but Traci’s composure. She gets really, really toasted.


So toasted that she decides that it’s a good idea to seduce Verne.


Nothing scandalous seems to happen, but it’s kind of hard to tell.


In the morning, Traci must face reality…


She does! And she feels guilty so she reports what happened to her fiancee.


That foam hat lets you know just how serious their conversation is.

Then, it’s time for the challenge. Or not, really, since Robin informs the celebs that they’ve already completed it. He reveals that their day at the Trop was recorded by photographers and that they’ll now examine the evidence. Helping sort out what constitutes a scandalous shot will be this guy:


Then, we see more pictures.

Pepa does some digging…


Verne does some mingling…



Traci does some bikini stuffing (or so it would seem)…


(She’s actually fixing her mic pack, as she doesn’t have to stuff her bra, thank you very much.)

Andrea does some Sapphic cavorting…


Ron’s belly does some nauseating…


And Rob does some magazine perusing with a gentleman friend…


Chris says that this shot could be spun into a gay scandal for Rob. Rob Video_icon is less than pleased to hear it.


In the end, Verne’s shot is deemed the least scandal-prone, as the girls he was cavorting with are hot. Andrea’s lesbian-esque dallying, Ron’s half-naked body and Rob’s gay-ish posturing are deemed the most scandal-worthy. Those three will play this week’s Back to Reality. Upon hearing that, Rob throws his coffee at the board of pictures that’s erected and tears his shots off.


His tantrums are becoming really tiresome, aren’t they? He rants about how disrespectful it is to his wife and family that his sexuality is being questioned as he packs his belongings.


Ron comes by to tell Rob not to leave and Rob tells him to "f*** off." Respect! Eventually, Rob cools down and agrees to stay for Back to Reality.

Then, Pep has a vision.


Andrea, being one of the three sentenced to Back to Reality, naturally wants to know what soothsaying Pep sees as the outcome. Pep won’t tell her. Then why’d you say something in the first place, if you didn’t want to let people know, there, Pep? Finally, after prodding, Pep tells Andrea that she’ll be safe. This makes Andrea ever so excited and ready to play this week’s Back to Reality game…


The celebs will be given two of the same item: one will be an expensive gourmet version, and the other will be a cheap version. It’s the celebs’ job to decide which is which. They start with champagne…


Andrea clearly has no idea, so she looks at what Ron put down…


Her cheating is noted by all, but no one really does anything. Not that it matters. After being presented caviar…








…and cigars…


Ron and Andrea end up in a tie for last (she almost loses, but switches her cigar choice to Ron’s at the last minute). In the end, she and Ron must participate in a tie-breaker round: they have to guess the sum of the prices of the items they’ve just been presented.


Andrea Video_icon loses. She explains before she goes that she didn’t know the prices because "true A-listers don’t pay for that s***." That’s actually a great point. She also explains that she wanted to win so she could buy a car with the prize money. Now she has to buy a Hyundai instead of a Lexus. Poor thing! But really, the biggest thing to take away from this is that Pep’s premonition failed!


She might not be psychic after all! Who could see that coming?

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