Dice Undisputed’s Dicey Moment of the Week – Episode 3



What? He’s hard to deal wit’?

During the bulk of this episode, Dice spends his time preparing for the taping of a comedy special that’s to air on Showtime. He gets his hair Video_icon dyed (while wondering if it will infringe on his masculinity), he considers hair plugs, he plays a warm-up gig, he sees his divorce lawyer (so that one’s not so related, but you know, gigs mean cash and cash means a tentative lawyer). He even buys a new leather jacket, possibly offending the store owner (and more!) in the process:


He says that people can wipe their ass with the gray number the owner suggests. But then it wouldn’t be gray anymore, right?

After all of this, Dice gets word that he, in fact, won’t be doing the Showtime gig after all. You gotta feel for the guy, but you also have to wonder if karma played a part. For you see, this week’s Dicey Moment comes from his trip to The Wendy Williams Experience early in the show.


Upon arriving, Dice tells us he’s doing "this new Wendy Williams show" and that she’s trying to be the female Howard Stern. Maybe in that her radio show Video_icon is being filmed for TV. But otherwise: hickory dickory not so much. Wendy talks with Dice about what he’s up to. What isn’t mention is how fetching Dice looks next to a pink boa.


Perhaps it goes without saying. Dice soon gets into it with Wendy’s sidekick, Charlemagne, who asks Dice about his comeback. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, this sends Dice into a hostile rage. "You’re a nobody that’s not going anywhere that I never met," he tells Charlemagne. Nice! Charlemagne counters: "Jesus will be back before your career gets on track." Charlemagne dissed and dismissed Dice and then made him rise again — Dice resurrects an old bit to really lay into Charlemagne. His new spin on "Hickory Dickory Dock" is the Quote of the Week. Sure, there’s tons of bleeping, but, uh, you get the point, right?

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