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Couldn’t make it to South By Southwest? Not to worry — we’ve got reports from the frontlines of the year’s premiere music festival. Stars of Track and Field’s drummer Dan Orvik fills us in.


It can get violent on stage…
We played five shows in 48 hours. It’s been f*cking crazy, we’re on our way to our sixth show right now. We’re borrowing a lot of gear — you have ten minute changeovers so you go with the house kit. Yesterday I played a show and we’re playing one of our big rock songs and there’s the kick drum pedal, it has a big felt beater on it, and right in the middle of the biggest part of the song it flew off. This is stuff that wouldn’t happen on my kit. I picked it up and threw it at [guitarist] Jason [Bell], because it’s important to me that he knew. I didn’t want to be a wet rag but it was my little way of trying to deal with it.

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Photos: SXSW ’07

The Show You’ll Wait on Line For?
The Winter Pills– they’re really thick, very cool, kind of mysterious. We’ll be playing with them again coincidentally in Madison, WI along with the Long Winters. It was neat to hear a band that you think is cool, and you talk to them, and you realize you’re going to be playing with them. The world’s getting smaller and smaller. I’m looking forward to seeing Spoon. there’s so many bands, i’d love to be in two places at once.

Adult Diapers Can Come in Handy…
Trying to take a piss before my show yesterday — there’s like fifteen people in line at this venue, so f*ck it, I play the show. After the show, the line’s just as long. It’s an uncomfortable nuisance. But that’s typical stuff when you get a lot of people together.

Austin’s a Living Jukebox
I love walking the beat at night — all these sounds coming from every angle, it’s fantastic, people just walking around enjoying themselves. The love for music emanates from every corner. But I’m sure if I lived here I’d choose this week to leave.

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Photos: SXSW ’07 
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