Naomi Struts Into Service


Naomi_cservice1Today is not a happy day for Naomi Campbell. It’s the first day of her five-day community service sentence, a result of her pleading guilty in her 2006 phone-throwing tantrum. This means that she had to put her model lifestyle on hold to wake up before noon and report to a sanitation facility in New York, which, like, totally smells bad. If that’s not bad enough, she has to stand next to push a broom all day, which is totally going to make her feel fat.

Making matters worse, Naomi outed herself as being possibly related to Bigfoot as she entered the facility this morning: Click the image on the left to enlarge it, but be careful — the boots she’s holding may spill out from the screen and kick you in the face. Seriously. They’re about twice the size as her head. The Captain Caveman look? Not fierce. At least, not this season.

Click below for more shots of Naomi ignoring everyone while walking into the sanitation facility. [AP/Yahoo!]

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