Kim Finally Remembers the Sex Tape



More than three months after rumblings of the existence of Kim Kardashian, Superstar (and a month after actual footage leaked), Kim Kardashian has admitted to knowing about her long-delayed sex tape all along. “I really didn’t think [it] was coming out,” she told Complex. I apologize for not publicly being honest…but I felt like at the time that’s all that I could have said.” Thank god, because I thought maybe she was just staring into space and aimlessly jiggling her chest and butt, instead of, you know, playing up for the camera.

In other Kardashian news, the adult-film super company behind KKS has offered a four-porno directing deal to Ray J, Kim’s co-star and “director.” He won’t necessarily need to appear in the films as part of the deal, which is either a testament to his talents as a director or a blow to his “talent” as a “performer.” []

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  1. Faeri says:

    so you thought you just tape yourself for…??? what??? tell me… i’d like to know.. maybe i’ll have one too.
    is kim and her sis grew up thinking they should tape themselves making love with everyone? i’m pretty sure the mother didn’t teach them that because she didn’t have one…not that we know of!
    by the way, some girls think they have the best big butt.. but it’s just full of fats.

  2. MEKHIYA says:

    kim u `!$+ in nasty &+$_( and u are a peace of &^^^ talkin bout oh they`re` bein rude &+$_( get the `!$+ outa here u nasty HOE!!!!!