Is Kim Freaky in the Bedroom?


070321_houston_kardashian Marques Houston has a new album out. Marques Houston has a song on the new album called “Kimberly.” Marques Houston has recently been seen jetsetting with sex tape “Superstar” Kimberly Kardashian. So is Marques Houston’s new song about Ray J‘s ex?

“The song was written pretty much for my girlfriend, but the thing behind ‘Kimberly’ is that every woman has (a) ‘Kimberly’ (side),” Houston told “It’s that freaky side, the woman that is so shy and softspoken, I’m pretty sure she has a ‘Kimberly’ side in the bedroom.”

Houston went on to discuss his relationship with Kardashian. “Kim is my girl, we’re doing a lot of business together. We are good friends.”

Yeah, and with friends like Kardashian, who needs marketing departments?

What do you think: is the song about KK?

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  1. AHMANI says:


  2. Demetria Jordan says:

    I think the song should be made for i mean look at her she has slept with almost every man in the music bussiness and on tv n this comeing from a 13 yr should be shocking to her that i kno =\ what kinda of example or you setting for me and what do u think your kids would say when u have them and they get older and your past starts to leak out i believe that their life through out it is going to be a living heck !!!! Im sorry i dont really kno her but after this i got a kind idea of what she stands for and i dont like it so im not goning to jugde her cause i dont really know her that well but still i would state my oppion

  3. sara says:

    kim is a ho omg she is a slut she aint nuttin new actin just like any other slut i know whats new??besides she is ugly aint nuttin pretty bout her!!