American Idol: See Ya, Stephanie


As the crowd hushed, and the dramatic lights scanned the remaining 11 contestants at the opening of last night’s results show, Ryan Seacrest announced that one of the singers would be "headed back to reality." Um, are reality shows allowed to openly bite each other’s catchphrases now? Well, let’s put it this way: Stephanie Edwards has been voted off the island. It’s not like America is grief-stricken over it, though.

But speaking of things that are sad, how about that Ford music video the Idol kids did for "Another Saturday Night"? In it, another Saturday night is spent at the laundromat, which is sort of depressing in itself. But beyond that, you can’t help but think that many of the aspiring pop stars in this clip will have post-Idol experiences similar to this scenario—a budget-conscious life complete with coin-operated appliances and American-made cars. Back to reality, indeed.

Anyway, how cute is Lulu? Did you know that woman will be turning 59 this year? Donning a low-cut top and glittery eye makeup for her performance of "To Sir, With Love," she looked better than the majority of the top 11.

But aside from Lulu’s gravity-defying cleavage, the most shocking event of last night’s ep was that Sanjaya Malakar wasn’t even in the bottom two. Sure, he has the pre-teen girl vote locked down, but it might be the adult male vote that’s keeping him in the game. Many people are crediting Howard Stern’s plug of Vote for the Worst for Sanjaya’s somewhat astounding longevity in this competition. Now he can be added to a list—that includes fledgling porn stars and Jackie Martling—of people who owe their careers to the King of All Media.

The best, though, is that this means Sanjaya will be around for Gwen Stefani’s mentoring next week. It’ll be fun to see how he’ll interpret Harajuku style on his hair.

–Tracie Egan

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