Love Sanjaya, Hate Sanjaya



Poor little Ashley Ferl has been on the receiving end of a media blitz since becoming overwrought with emotion and crying giddy tears of joy during Tuesday night’s taping of American Idol. The reason? She loves her some Sanjaya Malakar. When the sobbing stopped, Ashley told the Los Angeles Times that her picks for Idol were actually “Sanjaya, Melinda, Gina and Jordin.” She loves them all so much, she couldn’t choose just one. Now, on the other end of the spectrum, comes New York woman named J., who has gone on hunger strike until Sanjaya is voted off the show. According to her MySpace page, she hasn’t eaten since March 16th. The reason? She thinks that Sanjaya’s siphoning off votes from the contestants who deserve them. She writes, "I’m really starting to feel sorry for Sanjaya. People keep voting him through because they think it’s funny . . . and I think it’s to the point where this kid is starting to believe his own hype.” She says she’ll eat nothing until the contest is over. Inane publicity stunt or genius example of at-home marketing?

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