Angelina: Saint and Sinner



If Angelina Jolie‘s endless barrage of philanthropic endeavors makes you feel like your contribution to society is inadequate, don’t fret. While Ange does plenty of good, she isn’t perfect — this roundup of recent news stories shows that she can run the gamut from saint to sinner:


Angelina and Brad Pitt have donated $100,000 to the Duk Lost Boys Clinic, part of an initiative to rebuild war-torn southern Sudan. The Brangelina sum is about a fifth of what the organization needs to build the area’s first modern medical facility. In response to the donation, one of the charity’s organizers declared that the duo demonstrates "the American spirit of generosity." American spirit? Way to raise global expectations and make us all look bad, Brangelina! [Showbuzz/CBS News]

Normal gal

To help win the affection of acclimate her newly adopted Vietnamese son, Pax Thien, Angelina reportedly bought him a Nintendo Game Boy. Nevermind the fact that he’s, like, 3-years-old and LeapFrog would probably be more his speed than Nintendo. Angelina says that she bought it for him because, "has never had anything to call his own." Others say that she just wanted a quick fix to placate the reportedly sensitive toddler. Actress-model-ambassador-philanthropist-girlfriend-mothers need a break sometimes, you know? [Kotaku]


Angelina is being painted as sort of a mama hawk who swooped into Cambodia and swooped back out with a little boy in her talons (that would make her, what? A bird of adoption?). Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson says that she fell in love with a little girl in Cambodia a few years ago, but was ultimately unable to adopt the child because new laws were put in place after Angelina’s 2001 adoption of her son Maddox. Actually, you know, none of that’s Angelina’s fault. And even if it were, she still ended up sharing her life and wealth with a needy kid. Never mind: she’s not a sinner. She’s perfect. As usual. [New York Post]

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