Anna Nicole: Not Dead Enough



Everyone knows that a little thing like death couldn’t keep Anna Nicole Smith out of the news. Minute details of her death, the paternity case of her daughter Dannielynn and her net worth are like fried chicken to the media’s already clogged arteries. Still, a few recent stories have surfaced that are undeniably finger lickin’ good:

- Star is scooping the official Anna Nicole autopsy report that’s due Monday by claiming that Anna Nicole died from an overdose of sleeping medication. However, the rag also says that Anna Nicole suffered from a blood infection that could have killed her had she not overdosed. So basically, when it came to popping pills, she was damned if she did, and damned if she didn’t. [Star]

- Anna’s "lover" at the time of her death, Howard K. Stern, is facing eviction from their home in the Bahamas. The home’s actual owner, G. Ben Thompson, is certain that Howard is not Dannielynn’s father, and therefore has no actual ties to Anna’s fortune. "He is not associated with the child in any way except maybe through the will which we believe is not necessarily a good will and therefore he will have to leave," says Thompson’s attorney. A lawyer ragging on a lawyer’s lack of good will? That’s like a fly dissing his brother for eating too much poop. []

- Two diaries of Anna Nicole, one from 1992 and one from 1994, have sold via eBay for a total of $512,500. They supposedly include a confession of Anna’s infidelity in her relationship with Howard J. Marshall and the revelation that Anna hated sex. The books sold to a German businessman who’s reportedly a "huge fan" of Anna. He’s probably a huger fan of slowly leaked information to maximize profit. Just a hunch. [New York Post]

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