RoboJacko To Serve Vegas?



The buzz about Michael Jackson‘s possible long-term, nightly concert series at a Las Vegas casino has been building for months, but it just became a little more exciting: Mike’s residency may coincide with the construction of a 50-foot robotic replica of himself. Yes, that’s right — Michael Jackson’s face will be immortalized in metal, not its usual plastic.  A consultant reports that the robot would shoot lasers (!) and be the first thing those flying into Vegas would see. Because nothing says, "Welcome to Vegas!" better than a giant version of MJ’s face. It’ll be the perfect preview for the impending freak show that is any Vegas vacation.

Really, this is exactly what MJ needs to top Celine Dion as the city’s resident spectacle. I hope RoboJacko ends up fighting crime or Mothra or something. Your move, creep. [New York Daily News]

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