Eminem and Kim To Play Nice



Eminem and his ex Kim Mathers agreed in court on Monday to stop insulting each other publicly for the sake of their daughter, Hailie. Em filed a motion earlier this month to quash Kim’s trash talking — in February during a radio interview, for example, she called Em a "horrible person," joked about the size (or lack thereof) of his penis and implied that he couldn’t sexually perform without Viagra. Up until then, Em felt free to drag Kim’s name through the dirt via the media and his music — he went as far as to address Hailie directly in the Kim murder fantasy "’97 Bonnie and Clyde" ("Da Da made a nice bed for Mommy at the bottom of the lake /
Here, you wanna help Da Da tie a rope around this rock?"). Apparently, Eminem draws the line at the disclosure of secrets about his wang. What a guy. And there’s no place like court to reaffirm manhood, right, Em?

With this new ban on talking smack about Kim in place, don’t you get the feeling that Em’s upcoming album will need to be downsized to an EP? [AP/Yahoo!]

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