Transformers: Interstellar Overdrive


Transformers_2 was treated to 28 minutes of nearly completed Transformers footage yesterday evening – and boy, is it loud. The four scenes from the interstellar epic, directed by Michael Bay, feature Hasbro favorites like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, not to mention digital sound so powerful the noise of the robots’ weapons is mighty enough to pulverize bone. Also, the movie’s funny. One scene in particular stars human actor Shia LaBeouf and the seemingly freshly oiled Megan Fox (humanity questionable: nobody’s that pretty in real life) scouring a house at the demand of the Autobots while Prime, who’s maybe 40 feet tall, tramples all over the flowerbed outside. Of note: LaBeouf is very prominently wearing a Strokes T-shirt in the scene. That’ll help the New York rockers sell, no question.

Who’s your favorite Transformer? Michael Jackson? If you don’t have one, just tell us your favorite Stroke. (More photos after the jump . . .)

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Video_20x9_2 Trailer: Transformers



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