Sanjaya: Ponyhawk, Yes. Vocals, No


If Vote for the Worst has as much sway in this competition as people believe, then our little hula boy Sanjaya Malakar will have no problem coasting into the Top 9, because last night, his execution of No Doubt’s "Bathwater" was torturous. Not only did his voice sound horrible, but he forgot the words to the song. Maybe the temporary memory loss was caused by the seven vertical sprays of his ponyhawk being pulled too tight. (Apparently, this wild hair-don’t he delivered last night was meant for last week’s performance, but at the last minute, was wisely aborted.) The judges didn’t even know what to say. You know that someone truly sucks when Paula can’t even come up with something nice to slur.

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It’s almost like Sanjaya’s messing with us at this point. He’s beginning to learn that there really is no such thing as bad press, as he’s now getting more attention than any of the other Idol kids. He knows that a headline-making head of hair will do much more to keep him in the running than his singing ever could.

As this week’s celeb mentor, Gwen Stefani hit the nail on the head when she said that the pop music that she likes is less about "big booming voices and more about personality." It’s so true, because while the very talented Melinda Doolittle remains teacher’s pet, she’s sort of belting out those songs in the shadow of a fauxhawk in the spotlight.

–Tracie Egan

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