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Part 2 of our I Love New York wrap-up interview series features New York talking about rocking synthetic hair, the price of fame and that on-air bust up with radio personality Miss Jones.

Before we really get into it, I wonder if you have anything to say about what went down with Miss Jones last month on the radio, when she hung up on you after accusing you of lying about college.

I’m glad we’re gonna address that. First of all, Miss Jones doesn’t appeal to me in any type of way. I don’t have any respect for her. She’s very angry. She’s very nasty. She was asking me very personal questions about myself and I wasn’t going to answer her honestly, because I felt like she wasn’t really interested in my life. She was trying to attack me. So, of course, I just played with her. And her being a radio personality, she knew I wasn’t being honest. I didn’t care, I knew I had to get through that interview and remain professional. But I will say this: I think she’s a fat, bitter bitch.

Very early on, it seemed clear that she was out to give you a hard time.

And I was having a great day! I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin my morning. You can only push my buttons if I allow you to, and I didn’t allow her to push my buttons. She would have loved to have gotten into it with me. Who wouldn’t want to get into it with me? That could have boosted her career that never went anywhere. She was an aspiring singer that never did anything. Miss Jones sucks. She gained about 80 lbs. She looks terrible.

Well, to your credit, you were completely composed throughout.

Shocking, huh?

Speaking of that, one of my favorite New York moments of all time is when you announced to the world that you were wearing synthetic hair and worried about whether it would catch fire via the hot air balloon.

Now let me clear that up before people think I only wear synthetic hair. I wore synthetic hair for that particular day because I wanted my hair big and curly. If synthetic hair is treated, you can get it really curly and it’ll stay that way, whereas human hair can fall limp.

We’ve talked before about how you avoid the Internet, and specifically, discussions that go down about you. Are you just not curious, or what?

I’m definitely curious. I have a friend helping me out with the MySpace thing because it can get really overwhelming. But, you know, sometimes I do go to it when I have a free moment and I read the comments. People can really, really let out their emotions through the Internet. It’s a powerful tool. I can tell from the things that I’ve heard, either from what people tell me or what I’ve seen myself, there’s a lot of extreme emotions. There’s a lot of love and a lot of hate. It’s just a lot of feedback. But that’s all positive, you know. If I had a dollar for everybody who talked s*** about me or talked nasty about me, I’d be a billionaire. With the Internet, you have the power to be very cruel or very loving, while all the while, hiding behind your keyboard. A lot of people talk s*** about people’s appearances and the things they say, but I like to think that those are the people sitting home, like, 400 lbs. overweight with curlers in their hair, looking like s***. I mean, tore up from the floor up. No lives.

Can we talk about your plastic surgery?

(Cackles) Well, you know it’s enhancement. You can be very, very self-conscious and get plastic surgery done, but you can also have high self esteem and be confident and get it done. And that’s me. You know, my boobs needed help. When I was younger, they were perky and they stood up, and now that I’m 25, they were drooping a little bit. I wanted them a little bit more round, more plush and pillow-like, so I went and got me a set of 38 DDs.

Do you think you’ll continue to get it?

Well, I’m only 25 years young, but definitely if I get a little older. I don’t think I’m going to get wrinkles, my mom looks incredible, but if there’s a need for some Botox here and there in the forehead, or if there’s something else I want to tweak, yeah. I’ll do it. It’s basically improving on the model, I think.

Will you be tuning in for Charm School?

I will definitely tune in. I think it’s going to be hilarious to watch such ghetto trash trying to evolve into ladies. It’s going to be fun to watch Mo’Nique. I really like her and I can’t wait to watch her shape these girls into something that society can say, "OK, they have a teeny weensy bit of class" about. That’s going to be hilarious.

What’s the most difficult part of being New York?

People always ask, "New York and Tiffany the same person?" But that’s me. I would do what I do if I were around 20 guys or not, if the cameras were there or not. There’s no acting involved. There’s not something I’m trying to achieve or live up to. There are no emotions I have to convey. It’s just boom: here’s 20 men, live it up. So that’s easy. The only thing that’s a little trying at times is the fame. I get noticed whether I want to or not. I’m an extremely private and controlling person. There are days when I want to floss and flaunt my success. "Yes, yes, yes. I am New York." But then there are days when I gotta go get my prescription filled or get a gallon of milk and I’m just wearing my shades, and I don’t want to be recognized. If I’m having a bad day, I can’t show it, and that’s crazy to me. I could have had a heated discussion on the phone and then I leave the house and hear, "Hey, girl!" And then I gotta show love, and that part sucks. Sometimes I go into stores and I have to leave before I can get what I went in there for, because the response is so hectic.

Does that make you regret your career choices?

No. This comes with the territory. I’d rather have my bad days and fight through the crowds then to not have a crowd at all. The fans support the show. They love me, they hate me. They’re passionate about I Love New York. At the end of the day, you have to thank them because they are the ones who matter.

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