Rove Raps – Will Washington Burn?


Roverap Last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a hootin’, hollerin’ affair. President Bush warmed up the crowd with a few funnyisms, like when he joked about Senator Barack Obama’s “sleek, hairless pecs.” Fun, right? Even funner: When the baby-faced Darth Vader of the current Administration, Karl Rove, one of the president’s most trusted advisors and the man who has frequently been called “Bush’s brain,” got up on stage and rapped. He dubbed himself MC Rove and augmented his impromptu freestyling with some hippity-hoppity footwork – picture a cross between Lord of the Dance and what might happen were you to suddenly realize you were sitting in a pile of dogsh*t. [Continued after the jump.]

Let’s recap, shall we? Rove and the Bush-ites led the country into a war with the wrong Middle-Eastern country on the basis of faulty, perhaps even fictional intelligence; they refused to devote adequate man-power or resources to getting the job done; they’ve created a quagmire in Iraq that’s cost the lives of over 3,000 American troops, even as Iran, Iraq’s truly scary neighbor, is well on its way to developing nuclear weapons and yesterday decided that antagonizing the U.K. would be a good thing; and although they’ve admitted they’ve been wrong before, Bush and company still vowed to veto any roll-back-the-troops effort. But forget about all that. The really good news is that Rove can rap. Great stuff, people! We’re anxiously awaiting his forthcoming etiquette mixtape: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse (or Who Cares About America Anyway?). The question: Will you vote in the next election? And if you do, will you vote for dignity?

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