Dice Undisputed’s Dicey Moment of the Week – Episode 5


In this episode, Dice puts on a happy face.


It proves to be a challenge.


Remember this? Dice does. It’s a comedy album that, according to him, went gold in three weeks. Early to bed, late to rise. Or something. Anyway, coming out of retirement means, apparently, revisiting every aspect of his past and so Dice decides that he’ll record another album. Except this time it will be on, as Dice puts it, "this thing called a CD." Welcome to 1987, Dice!

After taking some voice lessons…


…Dice hooks up with this guy:


Notice that he’s a rock producer. It would seem weird that someone with his resume would be drafted to produce a live comedy album, but everyone decides that Dice is a rock-and-roll comedian, so it, uh, isn’t weird.

And then, the episode devolves into a series of Dicey moments/unfortunate events. It all starts when Wheels and Todd pull out of the trip to Houston, where Dice is set to perform and record the album. This leaves Dice to fend for himself:



He finally meets up with his driver who informs Dice that he has his bag and that the car is but a five-minute walk away. Out of gratitude, Dice hugs him:


So Dice does have a heart!

Then, the show:


If that "employees wanted" notice isn’t an omen, a sign that the elements will not behave and allow Dice to accomplish what he wants, then this is:


Mike Bradford, who’s supposed to record Dice’s routine for the album arrives late and his equipment is nowhere to be found…for a while. Then when it’s found, another obstacle:


There’s, like, 10 minutes before Dice goes on, which means that Mike has to hurry and get his soundboard and microphones set up, a process that normally can take hours.


Finally, Dice goes on, the show is taped and everything’s all good.


After some post-show drumming…


…reality sets in once again, via a request from a "fan."



Harsh! Dice proves to this woman’s brother that he is, in fact, alive and red-blooded at that. He implies that the guy’s sister is hot and says, "Maybe I’ll have some laughs with her!"


He gets to have the last one, anyway.

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