Best of Blogville: Brangelina’s Balance


Brangelina_links_2- Brangelina may be in the market for another black kid, so as to "balance the faces" of their family. Ha! Told you they were out to fill the crayon box! [Dlisted]

- You’re invited to BeyoncĂ©‘s panty party. It starts when any party starts: when you get there. [CityRag]

- Howard K. Stern‘s move to block Dannielynn‘s DNA test gets shot down. The fast track to hanger-on status starts now! [A Socialite’s Life]

- Fergie reveals that she’s felt a few lady lumps in her time. Lovely! []

- Speaking of lady lumps, Tara Reid in a bikini is sorta like Raisin Bran: two overflowing scoops and lots of texture. [The Superficial]

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